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Adding Support Products To The Program

I mentioned in an earlier post how important it is to be flexible with any goal you put forth. It's day 33 of the 60 day cleanse, and I decided to change a few things and then evaluate. I've lost 10 pounds so far on the program, and need to accelerate the weight loss a little bit to be ready for my party. I've mentioned that I'm going topless and have to be ready for this crazy event.


For the next three days... Day 33 to 36, I'll be embarking on a three day cleanse using the Raw Cane Superjuice Detox Elixir. This is variation of the master cleanse program originally created by Stanley Burroughs. There's a video below that will give you some background on the Master Cleanse. Also, here are the instructions that are suggested during the cleanse.

If anyone has done the master cleanse, you know you usually don't feel that great on the program until day 3 or 4 due to the healing crisis. That's because you're coming off of a diet full of processed foods and the elimination of toxins from the body . Since I've been on such a great diet and supplements for the last 32 days, I don't expect many or any side affects, and looking forward to this 3-day program cleanse. The juice was provided by Raw Cane Superjuice, and I'll look forward to telling everyone more about it on Day 37. I can tell you that it's very similar to the master cleanse, and I anticipate getting some great results.   

FAQs about the Master Cleanse


Here are some other additions I've added to my 60-day program. I want to see more elimination, and I know these two choices can really help. First we have Bentonite Detox from Yerba Prima, which is kind of an absorbent clay formed by the breakdown of volcanic ash mixed with water to form a liquid. Click HERE for some product information. Due to its molecular structure, bentonite has the ability to find two toxins in the digestive tract.
Next is Organic Whole Husk Psyllium from the company Organic India. Psyllium is an excellent source of natural dietary fiber. This product is pharmaceutical grade and contains no sugar, sodium, cholesterol, fat, or additives, and best of all it's organic. 

Adding psyllium to your diet promotes healthy elimination and regularity. I am mixing both the psyllium and bentonite together in a tall glass of water. I'm happy to say that this solution has no taste and very easy to consume. When you take products like these, you must always follow up by drinking extra water.

Here's some of what food and drink I consumed on my lose-the-gut mission from day 29 to day 33...


Organic whole grain hot oatmeal with dates, and soaked and dehydrated raw,
unpasteurized almonds, cacao nibs, ground vanilla bean, along with raw fresh coconut water and young coconut meat.


Yellow peas in a buckwheat wrap, topped with avocado, and some kale chips that are homemade.
In the middle we have some leftover oatmeal sweetened with a little agave


Dinner tonight and a great sushi restaurant in walnut, California. Here I'll show you how you can eat healthy while going out to great restaurants. On your left I have a salad with avocado topped with rice vinegar. On your right, is broiled yellowtail. I also enjoy a little sashimi on the side.


2 poached eggs steamed over spinach, celery and sprinkled with crushed kale chips.
Surrounded by two tangerines and the beverage is coconut water and coconut meat. All organic. 


On The road and stopping off at rainbow acres health store. Here I had some tuna and it was delicious.


Spinach quickly sautéed in a cast-iron skillet with avocado and some raw cheddar cheese,
along with a dash of coconut oil, and New Zealand sea salt.

Thanks for tuning in and offering your support, and remember to always count your blessings and know that today is another opportunity to be better,

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