Monday, July 11, 2016

Society Wellness - Begins with YOU!

Society Wellness

Society's health is a reflection on all of us. Yes, that includes the media and the government... but let's put it into proper perspective. 

How much attention does the media put on all the deaths that occur everyday from traffic accidents?

How much attention does the media put on positive matters that we all need to hear and know about? Why doesn't the public focus on death and destruction? I don't believe that's the case by and large, but once again the largest media outlets decide what will move the needle to help their bottom line. Here's a magazine called Positive.News that's been around since 1993 sharing a positive spin on the daily events big media sends our way. So it's definitely out there, and we have to make sure to filter the big media players and become more responsible to think for ourselves.

Bombing, destruction, and killings is what the media thinks we want to know more about. Maybe that's why the UFC was just sold for 4 billion dollars, and why football is America's favorite sport to watch.

I agree we all want to see the dark side of life, but how does that make you feel? How does that affect society wellness?

The media relies upon sensational news to feed it's own agenda. Don't get sucked into whatever the media has to say... be selective. With the philosophy of being kind and loving, just thank the media for bringing the news to you. 

It's not fair how much power the media has over our lives, but what's the alternative?

Awareness & Action is Key! 

With all the gun violence, we need healing and suggest you approach our police and military and thank them for their service. They put their lives on the line for us everyday. Here in this video, crowds line up to hug officers after the cop shootings in Dallas. Don't wait until the next shooting... go out and hug a police officer today. To change society for the better, you need to get better. Take action today.

I believe life is tough enough, and remain convinced that what's in your mind and your beliefs is your reality. Also, that the only thing we can control and change is our thoughts, and that in turn reflects upon society.

Crowds line up to hug police officers in Dallas after Shooting

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What have you done today to make yourself better? In order for things to change, you have to change. In order for things to get better, you have to get better.  I welcome your comments.