Friday, December 9, 2016


Very Special Offer For Musicians

I have a mission to help musicians feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually, and created the Musicianship Wellness Therapy Protocol (MWTP). For a limited time, the initial visit and the program is free of charge*. *You must qualify, and there are some miscellaneous charges for the entire program. See FAQs below for more details.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
1) Why sign up? 
  • I have some pain, numbness, and/or some discomfort when I play, and want to find out what is the problem and what I can do about it. ​This problem is associated with one or more of the following areas: Finger, hand, elbow, shoulder, neck, or back.
  • I'm interested in gaining more speed on my instrument.
  • I'm interested to see if improving my posture can allow me to sound better on my instrument.
  • I want to improve your stage presence and performance.
  • I want to play difficult material with more ease.
  • I'm interested in learning how to prevent repetitive-type injuries that occur when playing any instrument for hours and hours.
  • I want to learn the best strategies when I practice
  • I'm ready to be proactive with my health, and want to learn everything I can to help insure my career as a musician and live a quality life into my old age.  
2) You say there is no charge for this... are there any hidden costs?
That's correct, no charge - no hidden fees. This is a complementary service to promote and refine the Musicianship Wellness Program, and help my musician brothers and sisters.   

3) Are there qualifications to participate in this program? Yes....
  • Must be a working musician.
  • Or a musician out of work due to repetitive-type injuries.  
  • Or a student enrolled in a post-secondary educational facility (like the Musicians Institute, etc.) or a university majoring in music.
  • There are some exceptions, and if you have any questions about qualifying, send us a note on our Contact Form.
  • Must be open to exploring new healthy habits, and embrace and incorporate touch and massage into their daily routines.

4) What happens after the first visit?
The first visit is the stepping stone to participating in the Musicianship Wellness Therapy Protocol (MWTP). The MWTP draws upon components and materials from the Musicianship Wellness ProgramDr. Allan has created MWTP to fill the gap in treatment and wellness education that exists for today's musician. For a limited time, if you can commit to this program 100%, then there is no cost to you. You will be required to purchase a few basic items, and the details can be found at the MWTP page.  

Visit the Musicianship Wellness Portal to get started

Click HERE to take you to the Musicianship Wellness Portal and you're on your way. 

Feel free to contact Dr. David Allan if you have any questions on his direct line at (310)773-1993.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Society Wellness - Begins with YOU!

Society Wellness

Society's health is a reflection on all of us. Yes, that includes the media and the government... but let's put it into proper perspective. 

How much attention does the media put on all the deaths that occur everyday from traffic accidents?

How much attention does the media put on positive matters that we all need to hear and know about? Why doesn't the public focus on death and destruction? I don't believe that's the case by and large, but once again the largest media outlets decide what will move the needle to help their bottom line. Here's a magazine called Positive.News that's been around since 1993 sharing a positive spin on the daily events big media sends our way. So it's definitely out there, and we have to make sure to filter the big media players and become more responsible to think for ourselves.

Bombing, destruction, and killings is what the media thinks we want to know more about. Maybe that's why the UFC was just sold for 4 billion dollars, and why football is America's favorite sport to watch.

I agree we all want to see the dark side of life, but how does that make you feel? How does that affect society wellness?

The media relies upon sensational news to feed it's own agenda. Don't get sucked into whatever the media has to say... be selective. With the philosophy of being kind and loving, just thank the media for bringing the news to you. 

It's not fair how much power the media has over our lives, but what's the alternative?

Awareness & Action is Key! 

With all the gun violence, we need healing and suggest you approach our police and military and thank them for their service. They put their lives on the line for us everyday. Here in this video, crowds line up to hug officers after the cop shootings in Dallas. Don't wait until the next shooting... go out and hug a police officer today. To change society for the better, you need to get better. Take action today.

I believe life is tough enough, and remain convinced that what's in your mind and your beliefs is your reality. Also, that the only thing we can control and change is our thoughts, and that in turn reflects upon society.

Crowds line up to hug police officers in Dallas after Shooting

The power of individual action to create social change | Farzana Aslam | TEDxElsaHighSchool

Education for social change | Artika R. Tyner | TEDxUniversityofStThomas

Muslim/Jewish Social Experiment

Michael Jordan gives $2 million; looks to build trust between blacks, cops.

What have you done today to make yourself better? In order for things to change, you have to change. In order for things to get better, you have to get better.  I welcome your comments.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Results of Dr. Allan's 60-Day #LoseTheGut Campaign... SUCCESS!!

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Conquering Your Goals is an Awesome Feeling

Dear Friends, Family, My Peers, and Patients,

My 60-Day #LoseTheGut Campaign was a complete success, and I surpassed my goal of losing my gut, and now 23 pounds lighter. I was shooting for 20 and I ended up losing a whopping 23 pounds in 60 days. I had a lot of help and part of that was all of you cheering me on to the finish line.

First I want to thank my campaign sponsors, and all my loving supporters... On Facebook, my peers, my friends, and my family. To go it alone is a tough road, and when you have a team, there's additional energy to get you to the mountain top, or whatever it is you want to accomplish. I already have thoughts for my next campaign, and will let you know very soon.  

I want to get the biggest shout out to two new companies for their support, and providing generous prizes for our party raffle -- RX Fitness Equipment and Raw Cane Superjuice.


Tim Adams of RX Fitness Equipment donated a JumpSport Pro that was designated as our grand prize. The winner was one of my patients by the name of Ilona Malygin. Congratulations to her and deepest thanks and gratitude to Tim at RX Fitness! 

Raw Cane Superjuice is a unique and wonderful healthy new trend in juicing and cleanses. If you haven't tried raw sugar cane juice... you need to ASAP... oh so nutritious and delicious! Robby and Rey extended themselves to provide juice samples for the entire campaign party event and also donating 4 generous gift certificates to the event raffle. Make sure you check them out and tell them I say hello. 

Below is the entire group of supporters that helped me through my campaign. Thank you, and thank you again for your unyielding faith and support. I can tell you first hand that these individuals and companies are first rate and highly recommend them... their services and their products.

Campaign Sponsors of the Rocketship Wellness™ 60-Day #LoseTheGut Campaign

Fitness Equipment

Sugar Cane Juice and Cleanses

Personal Development

Colon Hydrotherapy

Embodiment™ / Embodi-Chair™
Transformation Therapy

Green Smoothie Headquarters

Acupuncture / Essential Oils

Massage Therapist / Physical Trainer

Certified Reflexologist

Certified Reflexologist

Certified Reflexologist (310)562-2901

60 Days Later - THE RESULTS...


"A MAN OF HIS WORD" OMG... Watch Dr. Allan Go TOPLESS!!


The Secret Weapon Take the Event by Storm!
Amazing Reflexology + The Embodi-Chair

We had a healing corner at the event, and I have to give credit where credit is do... We had 3 professional reflexologists working the guests at the party, and cannot praise them enough for sharing and donating their talents to the celebration. Also we had Dr. R. Grant Ramey share the healing benefits of his Embodi-Chair. Thank you everyone for helping make this a very special event. taking part in the celebration.

Okay, now what can I do for an encore?

Why not another goal; another landmark? Let's start another campaign... coming soon so stay tuned and until then... Enjoy every moment, have fun, and go out and touch the world with your heart!

My best,

Dr. David Allan  

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster.
Theodore Roosevelt
To understand how and why my Lose-The-Gut 60-Day Campaign got started click HERE

42-Day Update

These posts are meant to stir curiosity, enthusiasm, and contemplation. Maybe you're just looking to see what results I come away with, or maybe you too need inspiration as you begin your own 60-day program. 

I've been around cleanses before, so I'm not surprised at where I'm at right now, nor will I be surprised what will happen after the 60-days are up and beyond. For me, It's just been too long not having done a program like this, and now I mostly feeling a sense of relief. I look better and feel better, and I know this is the first step to running a wellness company the right way.  

So far, I've lost 15 pounds, and I continue to have extremely high energy. I've lost a lot of my gut, but see that I have a little ways to go. Then there's the part of me that is exercising regularly.

The progress one gets from a good cleanse such as this one, all depends where you are with your health, and what your particular goal(s) is/are. Don't for one second, think that you have to structure all your meals like I have. No way. One thing I want you to notice as a theme throughout the meal plan is to pay attention to the quality of the food you are eating. For the cleanse, I suggest to stay away from all processed foods, GMOs, pasteurized dairy, and non-organic foods. 

The framework of this plan is very simple. If you let us help you and you commit, then so will we. Here's a 30 minute video explaining the program. In a nutshell, you eat foods that are in category I and category II  from the New West Diet. At the same time you are taking 7 supplements that will help facilitate the cleansing process of the colon and the blood

30 minute overview of the 60-Day Cleanse

Also as part of the update, I wanted to report to you how I'm doing after adding a few other products to the program. Since I was looking for more bowel movements, I added Bentonite and Psyllium and cayenne capsules. This has really helped a lot, and it goes to show that our program is not a one size fits all. 

Besides the weight loss, I've been more motivated to study more as: bout nutrition in general. I've come across a few good books on the nutrition and wellness Healing: Achieving Total Wellness Through Higher Levels of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., and Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto.

I listen very closely to each patient to find out what other possible service or product could help facilitate the cleansing process.  


Young coconut, and fresh squeezed orange juice and pineapple.


VVtalks of celery, along with one hard boiled egg mixed with avocado. All organic.


Mixed greens with avocado and raw cheddar cheese, Fuji apple, raw sugar cane and tangerines. All organic


Two poached eggs on top of red leaf lettuce, and gently melted raw cheddar cheese. The beverage is a fruit smoothie with fresh blueberries and frozen pineapple, and topped with Chia seeds. All organic.


Mixed organic greens, and baked wild caught cod.


Sweet pink grapefruit and pear from the farmers market, and topped with cinnamon along with blueberries. All organic.


Cream of Califlower and celery soup... Non-dairy. Ingredients are raw unpasteurized organic soaked and dehydrated almonds, califlower, celery, Avocado, fresh Asian garlic, New Zealand sea salt and ground pepper. Dessert let's add two tangerines. All organic.

Thanks for tuning in and offering your support, and remember to always count your blessings and know that today is another opportunity to be better,

#losethegut #fromdudtostud #rswellness
Proud Sponsors of the Lose-The-Gut 60-Day Campaign
The Raw Cane Superjuice Bar serves the finest slow cold press raw juices, including cane grass, and then delivers them to customers and retailers all over the USA. They also offer a variety of cleanses using their sugar cane juices.
Additional Sponsors TBA

DISCLAIMER: We make no claims that our information should be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or health condition. We are here to provide information that can be used to facilitate your wellness. When you do things to improve your own wellness, you would be surprised to see how many ailments and conditions fall by the wayside and disappear.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Every action needs to be prompted by a motive.
Leonardo da Vinci
To understand how and why my Lose-The-Gut 60-Day Campaign got started click HERE

Adding Support Products To The Program

I mentioned in an earlier post how important it is to be flexible with any goal you put forth. It's day 33 of the 60 day cleanse, and I decided to change a few things and then evaluate. I've lost 10 pounds so far on the program, and need to accelerate the weight loss a little bit to be ready for my party. I've mentioned that I'm going topless and have to be ready for this crazy event.


For the next three days... Day 33 to 36, I'll be embarking on a three day cleanse using the Raw Cane Superjuice Detox Elixir. This is variation of the master cleanse program originally created by Stanley Burroughs. There's a video below that will give you some background on the Master Cleanse. Also, here are the instructions that are suggested during the cleanse.

If anyone has done the master cleanse, you know you usually don't feel that great on the program until day 3 or 4 due to the healing crisis. That's because you're coming off of a diet full of processed foods and the elimination of toxins from the body . Since I've been on such a great diet and supplements for the last 32 days, I don't expect many or any side affects, and looking forward to this 3-day program cleanse. The juice was provided by Raw Cane Superjuice, and I'll look forward to telling everyone more about it on Day 37. I can tell you that it's very similar to the master cleanse, and I anticipate getting some great results.   

FAQs about the Master Cleanse


Here are some other additions I've added to my 60-day program. I want to see more elimination, and I know these two choices can really help. First we have Bentonite Detox from Yerba Prima, which is kind of an absorbent clay formed by the breakdown of volcanic ash mixed with water to form a liquid. Click HERE for some product information. Due to its molecular structure, bentonite has the ability to find two toxins in the digestive tract.
Next is Organic Whole Husk Psyllium from the company Organic India. Psyllium is an excellent source of natural dietary fiber. This product is pharmaceutical grade and contains no sugar, sodium, cholesterol, fat, or additives, and best of all it's organic. 

Adding psyllium to your diet promotes healthy elimination and regularity. I am mixing both the psyllium and bentonite together in a tall glass of water. I'm happy to say that this solution has no taste and very easy to consume. When you take products like these, you must always follow up by drinking extra water.

Here's some of what food and drink I consumed on my lose-the-gut mission from day 29 to day 33...


Organic whole grain hot oatmeal with dates, and soaked and dehydrated raw,
unpasteurized almonds, cacao nibs, ground vanilla bean, along with raw fresh coconut water and young coconut meat.


Yellow peas in a buckwheat wrap, topped with avocado, and some kale chips that are homemade.
In the middle we have some leftover oatmeal sweetened with a little agave


Dinner tonight and a great sushi restaurant in walnut, California. Here I'll show you how you can eat healthy while going out to great restaurants. On your left I have a salad with avocado topped with rice vinegar. On your right, is broiled yellowtail. I also enjoy a little sashimi on the side.


2 poached eggs steamed over spinach, celery and sprinkled with crushed kale chips.
Surrounded by two tangerines and the beverage is coconut water and coconut meat. All organic. 


On The road and stopping off at rainbow acres health store. Here I had some tuna and it was delicious.


Spinach quickly sautéed in a cast-iron skillet with avocado and some raw cheddar cheese,
along with a dash of coconut oil, and New Zealand sea salt.

Thanks for tuning in and offering your support, and remember to always count your blessings and know that today is another opportunity to be better,

#losethegut #fromdudtostud #rswellness
Proud Sponsors of the Lose-The-Gut 60-Day Campaign
The Raw Cane Superjuice Bar serves the finest slow cold press raw juices, including cane grass, and then delivers them to customers and retailers all over the USA. They also offer a variety of cleanses using their sugar cane juices. 
DISCLAIMER: We make no claims that our information should be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or health condition. We are here to provide information that can be used to facilitate your wellness. When you do things to improve your own wellness, you would be surprised to see how many ailments and conditions fall by the wayside and disappear.