Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What is Rocketship Wellness?

Rocketship Wellness offers many ways to get better and feel better, and is the vehicle that will help facilitate and fuel your own personal development.

Here are the different ways we can help you:

Movementship Wellness is movement education. As the great late movement educationalist FM Alexander, founder of the Alexander Technique said: The most valuable knowledge we can possess is that of the use and functioning of the self. At Movementship Wellness, you'll learn how to become more mindful and aware of the repetitive nature of how we use our body like sitting, standing, walking, working, and resting. Why is this important? You'll understand that imbalances in  everyday activities is mostly responsible for our musculoskeletal aches and pains. Here you will learn the secrets of improving your posture in everything you do. If we can learn how to live life with less effort and more power, we can live a happier and a more productive life.

Musicianship Wellness is all about wellness education for today's musician. We provide movement education to address the repetitive activities that musicians do when practicing and performing and also have a Best Exercise Program for the Musician debuting in the beginning of 2020. We also provide nutritional courses in preventing and managing injuries.

Couplesship Wellness is dedicated to helping couples supercharge their relationship. We offer couples an alternative to traditional couples counseling. You can consider us a coach that will give you ideas, activities and resources to get your relationship back on track. We can also be a great foundational piece to brand-new relationships. The key ingredients to our success is couples massage and the 60-day Couplesship Wellness massage program. Soon we will have online training including the Best Couples Massage Program.

Actors and stage performers need to have full control of their movement activities in order to achieve success. These habits don't come naturally and Artistship Wellness provides movement education for actors, along with activities to enhance the performance of their minds. Soon their will be online classes for anyone considering a career on the big stage.

Our Massageship Wellness is DAGIIT which stands for Dr. Allan's Global Institute if Integrated Touch. With close to 40 years experience, Dr. David Allan teaches the most popular massage styles including Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Swedish and Deep Swedish massage, Structural Integration, Reflexatsu, Auriculotherapy hp, Barefoot and Power Shiatsu. All of these courses can be found at the DAGIIT website.

The Rocketship Wellness Academy is the online hub for all courses underneath the business of Rocketship Wellness and in the home of the Rocketship Wellness 30 and 60-day program.